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A holistic approach to regulatory change response
Why choose Us?

Why RegRadarRegRadar understands your challenges

Transforming ever-evolving regulatory information into actionable and coherent output can be challenging. Let RegRadar help to take control.

Why choose Us?

RegRadar's MissionRegRadar understands your mission

RegRadar’s mission is to promote responsible conduct and to increase cross-sectorial and jurisdictional cooperation, with hopes of making businesses sounder.

Why choose Us?

What RegRadar DoesRegRadar offers a multi-faceted solution

RegRadar provides AI-driven technological tools, comprehensive services, and a thriving clients and partners community to meet your needs.

Endless monitoring capabilities

Monitor what matters to your organization

RegStream leverages advanced technology and AI to curate, translate, and analyze a stream of the latest regulatory publications from around the world.

Set filters and search terms to refine publications by jurisdiction, authority, regulatory field, dates, or specific industry keywords, and sanitize the stream to receive relevant information.

With RegStream, you’ll stay up-to-date on the regulatory decisions, publications, and events that matter to you.

Powerful Analytical Tools

Identify and respond to emerging topics with precision

RegSense scans regulatory publications and updates using advanced semantic analysis technology, allowing easy identification of policy transfers, risks, trending topics, industry behavior, and the discovery of new opportunities.

Personalize your RegSense experience by using the filter options to reveal publications by categories, topics, and specific descriptors.

Expert consultancy service

Guidance for your greatest regulatory and compliance challenges

Regulatory changes introduce both risks and opportunities. RegAdvice was established to help you respond to these changes by identifying the required measures and incorporating the derived processes and controls within your organization.

Using RegAdvice, RegRadar uses both internal and external expertise to support clients while allowing professionals from consultancy and law firms to leverage the platform to address their client needs.

Technology Integration Possibilities

Get the most of RegRadar's regulatory data

RegRadar's technology retrieves information from regulatory authorities from around the world in any language, while allowing you to personalize the scope and the delivery method. RegRadar supports on-premise, off-premise, and advanced text intelligence integration.

RegTechnology uses API or other interfaces to enable easy integration of RegRadar into your organization and its solutions, services, and processes.

Better Compliance, Together

Build valuable synergies with RegRadar’s diverse member base

RegCommunity enables you to connect with your peers and with industry leaders through discussions, talks, and events related to regulation and compliance.

RegRadar's growing member base includes participants from financial institutions, regulatory authorities, rating agencies, research institutions, policy makers, software providers, consultancy firms, and law firms, allowing for in-depth information sharing and discussion about industry trends, market expectations, and specific requirements.

Partners Portfolio

Gain access to RegRadar’s portfolio of advisory, software, and service providers

RegRadar's ever-expanding professional network connects you to its esteemed and trusted partners in the areas of advisory, software, and services.

Leverage RegRadar’s relationships to work with leading subject matter experts and providers in analyzing and bridging gaps and enhancing your compliance strategy.

RegRadar’s portfolio includes also partners offering consultancy service to provide end-to-end solutions for setting up, operating, and decommissioning regulatory, compliance and risk related projects.

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