We craft our product to meet our clients' needs

Features to support your regulatory changes response

RegRadar utilizes the latest AI and Big Data technology to sanitize and manage regulatory changes and response

Responsive Dashboard

Powerful dashboard with responsive functionality that can be adapted to any device.

Advanced Search

Personalize RegStream to search and browse through hundreds of regulatory publications.


Save and track regulatory publications, share bookmarks and identify trending topics.


Create personalized reports and set email notifications to alert about new publications.


Manage and monitor response status over specific publications.


Manage team members and share bookmarks, workflows, and reports.

Audit Trail

Demonstrate regulatory response efforts and keep track of the usage.

Cognitive Analytics

Get the grasp of regulatory publication by reviewing the cognitive analytics results.

Machine Translation

Eliminates the language barrier by producing all publication in English.

Easy Configurable Monitoring

Choose from a wide array of filters for your best matched Customizations

Define a Filter.

Define any combinations of filters including jurisdictions, authorities, time frames, and terms.


Set Reports.

Save any combination of filters as a recurring and available personal or shared report.


Monitor Changes.

Define recurring email notifications based on frequencies and the newly saved reports.

RegRadar is an ever expending platform rich in features

Artificial Intelligence Technology

RegRadar leverages artificial intelligence technologies in order to distil to what is really important, support decision making process, and help clients to address emerging topics.


Harmonization of regulatory data for accurate search results.


Organizational personlization of regulatory monitoring scope.


Support organizational understanding of emerging regulatory themes.

Predictive Analytics

Extraction of implied meaning from regulatory publications.


Relevant regulatory publications identification and workflow automation.

Action Items

Identification of specific regulatory expectations and action items.