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Regulation is the biggest single external factor​
RegRadar is a regulatory screening platform that helps companies to optimize routes and avoid crashes
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Strategic Regulatory Screening Platform


Why choose RegRadar

RegRadar is an AI-driven, ever-expanding online regulatory platform that collects and analyses regulatory sources, allowing its users to keep track of relevant information by creating personalized views and alerts, follow the latest trends, and collaborate with professionals worldwide.

RegRadar is known for its holistic approach to regulatory monitoring which consists of advanced technology, value-added services, and its community of institutions, as well as professional partners. With RegRadar, clients get more than the information they need--they get the tools and the network necessary to respond to it.

Our user base consist of

  • Private and Public Corporates
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Rating Agencies
  • Research Institutions
  • Policy Makers
  • Software Providers
  • Advisory Firms
  • Law Firms

Use RegRadar to:

  • Define a systematic process to monitor strategic regulatory impact
  • Develop strategic scenarios for emerging topics
  • Receive early signals from other jurisdictions
  • Monitor competitive posture
  • Identify deregulation and entry barrier changes events
  • Monitor regulatory mega trends and responses
  • Discover new market
  • Create corporate/HQ independent regulatory view
  • Respond to market events and shocks
  • Integrate it into organizational processes
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