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Why clients choose RegRadar

RegRadar is an ever-expanding online AI regulatory hub that collects and analyses regulatory information from around the globe, allowing its users to keep track of regulatory information relevant to them by creating personalized views and alerts, follow latest trends and cooperate with worldwide professionals.

RegRadar is known for its holistic approach which consist of technological tools, add-value services, and its community of instutions as well as professionals. With RegRadar, not only clients get the information they need but also the tools and network to respond to it.

Our community consist of

  • Financial Institutions
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Rating Agencies
  • Research Institutions
  • Policy Makers
  • Software Providers
  • Consultancy Firms
  • Law Firms

Popular use cases

  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Market events and shocks response
  • Relevant regulations identification
  • Cross sectors and jurisdiction assessment
  • Integration into organizational processes
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