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Update on the Contingent Term Repo Facility (CTRF) - Market Notice 22 May 2020

The Bank will continue to offer 1-month term CTRF operations on a weekly basis at least through June 2020, with operations currently scheduled to end on 26 June .

The Bank’s regular liquidity insurance facilities will continue to operate including the weekly 6-month Indexed Long-Term Repo (ILTR) and the on-demand Discount Window Facility (DWF) .

CTRF operations can also be rapidly reintroduced at any stage if justified by market conditions . The Bank stands ready to do so if necessary, and will continue to monitor market conditions closely .

The indicative schedule of all the Bank’s market operations will be updated on the Information for participants page .

Details of each operation will also be published on the Bank’s wires service page in advance .

Other than as amended by this Market Notice and the Market Notice published on 24 March 2020, the Terms and Conditions and Operating Procedures for participation in the SMF will apply to transactions under this Facility .

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