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Javier Pacios, new Deputy Director General of Services at the Bank of Spain

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Madrid, 14 September 2021

Javier Pacios, new Deputy Director General of Services at the Bank of Spain

The Governing Council of the Bank of Spain, in the session held today, ratified the appointment of Javier Pacios Rodríguez as Deputy Director General of Services, previously agreed by the Executive Committee.

Graduated in Economics and Business Studies from the Autonomous University of Madrid, he has extensive experience at the Bank of Spain, where he joined as a technician in 1984. He has postgraduate training in Economics and Accounting and in management skills. After holding various leadership positions, he was appointed director of the General Intervention Department in 2013, a position he held until now, representing the Bank of Spain in various international committees and working groups. He has also combined his professional experience with teaching in postgraduate courses in Accounting and Financial Mathematics.

Javier Pacios will take office in the coming weeks.

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