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2022-08-05 - Press release - Survey on the use of payment methods in Switzerland

Press release


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Berne, 5 August 2022

Survey on the use of payment methods in Switzerland SNB conducts third survey on payment methods

The Swiss National Bank is conducting a survey on payment methods again this year. Over the coming months, 2,000 people resident in Switzerland will be asked about their habits regarding the use of payment methods, as they were in 2017 and 2020.

The aim of the survey is to obtain representative information on the Swiss population’s use of various payment methods and to identify any changes in this respect over time. The survey comprises questions covering subjects such as people’s motivation behind their choice of payment method, the importance of various types of payment method and their opinion regarding the security of these methods.

The 2022 survey on payment methods is conducted by the SNB in collaboration with DemoSCOPE, a market research institution. The SNB will provide information on the survey results after they have been evaluated.

All information regarding the survey on payment methods is available on the SNB website.

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